How to create a budget home workspace

Are you finding yourself working from home more? Read on for our tips on how to create a functional workspace on a budget!

The way we work has been changing for some time. With an increase in freelancing, flexitime, remote working, side hustling and of course, the COVID-19 guidelines, more people are now looking to work from home. The ‘home office’ once considered a luxury, is now, for many people, becoming a necessity. Whether you’re using it for studying, working or home admin, our easy-to-action tips will help you create a budget home workspace, free from interruptions and distractions.


If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated room for a home office then that’s the first step ticked off. However, if you don’t have the space then all is not lost. Depending on your needs, a budget home workspace can be created in the smallest of spaces, perhaps a section of a spare bedroom, a dining room, on a landing or even under the stairs! Consider using a screen, curtain or even a piece of furniture to section off part of the room. If that isn’t possible, how about creating a ‘mobile office’? Put all of your stationary and working materials along with your ipad and/or laptop in a box or hamper and set up an area for working at the kitchen or dining table, once you have finished it can all be packed away again.

laptop on table home workspace


A desk to work on and a comfortable chair are the most important pieces of equipment. Think outside the box by using an old table or dressing table instead of buying a desk, just make sure it’s the right height to sit at. If you are planning on buying an inexpensive office desk, consider the size and shape of the desk you require. If you have enough room, an L-shaped desk could be very practical for housing a computer on one side with room for paperwork on the other.

A comfortable office chair is the next thing on the list and worth investing in, something adjustable would be ideal. Give some thought to how to safely run cables to your laptop and printer. If you have the space, flexible plastic trunking works well and a power pack attached under the desk keeps things neat and tidy.


Shabby chic home workspace

Having a desk near natural daylight is best to avoid eye strain and keep you motivated. If this is not possible, a daylight lamp could be a good alternative. Re-using a table lamp from somewhere else in the house would be an affordable option or an inexpensive adjustable desk lamp would be perfect for focused task lighting.


Storage is essential for keeping things neat and tidy and allowing you to work clutter free. If you have the room, you could put up shelves or buy a cheap, second-hand bookcase to house essentials (ebay or facebook marketplace are ideal for this). If you only need storage for smaller items such as stationary and supplies, why not give some DIY office decor a go? Try wrapping shoe boxes and box files in wallpaper off-cuts or wrapping paper for a pretty and budget-friendly storage option. Covering old tins or painting them pretty colours creates an attractive pen or brush holder.

Workspace Decor

moodboard for home workspace

I like to be surrounded by my favourite things whilst I’m working, a small vase of flowers or plant and a candle help me to feel relaxed and inspired. If you are more minimalist then you can keep your work area simplistic. Don’t forget to keep a glass of water nearby to stay hydrated, I like to keep a small carafe and glass on my desk.

If you are inspired by visuals or like to keep your goals in mind then a moodboard can help you to stay focused and provide an attractive backdrop – they are also fun to make too! Use an MDF board or even a large piece of cardboard and add pictures from magazines, postcards and old cards to create your moodboard. If you are trying the idea of a ‘mobile’ office, as mentioned above, you could make a smaller version to bring out when you set up your work space.

Depending on your needs, every work from home setup will be different but hopefully some of the ideas above will help to inspire a functional and attractive budget home workspace.

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